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Personal Brand Photos for an Entrepreneur

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

I love working with business owners, creatives and public figures in the North West and beyond to create inspiring, on-brand images that they can use to reach their audience. More and more, these businesses and individuals are realising that they need more than just headshots- they need a bank of bespoke images that will tell the story of who they are and their brand, that will attract and connect with their ideal client.

When Matt Edmundson approached me to work on developing his personal brand photographs, I was so happy to help. Matt is not only a multiple business owning online retailer, but also a coach for other eCommerce owners, so he fully understands the power of visuals in an online marketplace.

Through my branding questionnaire and pre-shoot consultation, we explored Matt's values and what it was that he wanted to communicate visually. Matt knew that he wanted his clients to feel at ease when they came into contact with him; secure that they were in safe hands, but also that his fun and relaxed personality came through.

We designed the shoot to show Matt in some of his varied roles- managing his team, working from his office, coaching, video calling overseas clients- but also to show the lifestyle that his businesses allowed him to have, such as working flexibly from varied locations and travelling.

Check out how Matt has been able to use his photos on his instagram page @mattedmundson and his website

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