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A Personal Brand Photoshoot for an Author

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Personal Brand (or Personal Branding) is an area of photography that I have been developing for a couple of years now, and I absolutely love it! There is a growing demand for it, too, as more and more people need professional, on-brand, bespoke images for their websites and social media, and I have had the priviledge of doing shoots for a range of clients in Liverpool, Chester, North Wales and across the North West.

Here's how it works when a client comes to me... after an initial chat or email, I send out a detailed questionnaire to my client to really try to draw out what the images need to do for them- who are they trying to communicate with? What are they trying to communicate? What are the stories that are connecting with their audience that need to be told through the images? What are their values?

We then have a consultation where we drill down into these answers to try to plan out our photo session, making sure that everything about the shoot will produce the right images. I give as much advice as necessary about locations, wardrobe, hair and make up etc. Once that is all planned out, a date is set and the shoot takes place.

Now, I know the feeling of being uncomfortable in front of the camera, so my main aim during the session is to make it as relaxed as possible, knowing that this will mean that I get the best representation of you in your images. We always have a good laugh and most people are relieved at how easy a process it all is.

Following that, I edit the photos, and the client receives a gallery of images in both hi resolution and web size with full commercial usage permission.

These images were taken with the lovely Anna Kettle, writer of the blog Notes on Life, who is a writer, blogger and all round awesome and very wise person! Anna has recently contributed to a collaborative book project, and is in the process of writing her first solo published book under Tyndale House Publishing. She needed some images of herself for her website, blog and bio.

Anna said, "I wanted a range of personal shots for use on my website, blogs and social media - and Lindy totally delivered. She really took the time to understand my business needs first, and was full of creative ideas. The shoot itself was also really fun. She really put me at ease, and got some great results!"

You can catch Anna on

If you need a personal brand photoshoot in Liverpool or beyond- drop me a line today on and let's take your online presence to the next level!

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