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A Springtime Cherry blossom shoot in Liverpool!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Well, I finally found someone as obsessed with cherry blossom as me! I literally jumped at the chance to do a cherry blossom shoot with the gorgeous Sefa and capture all this spring time prettiness right here in Liverpool.

I knew the perfect spot for the shoot...this amazing cherry blossom walkway in Botanic Park was catching quite a few people's attention that week, as it put on it's glorious display, and it's easy to see why! It's just the perfect blossom backdrop! And, as predicted, that golden hour light filtering through the trees just before sunset was just perfect, too!

I honestly love being a photographer in Liverpool. We have so many amazing parks, an iconic waterfront and docks, amazing architecture, Victorian glasshouses, beautiful Georgian streets, and we are only a stone's throw from beaches and open countryside. We are definitely spoiled for choice when choosing a location for a family, personal brand or couple shoot.

If you'd like a photo shoot in or around Liverpool, get in touch with me today to have a chat about which location will suit you best!

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